21 July 2014

Leave your Calling Card & Be Entered to Win!

Nineteenth Century etiquette required leaving your calling card when visiting a household. Calling cards then were much like today’s business cards, but used for social interactions. The French version, Carte-de-Visite (visiting card), became popular in the United States during the 1860s and typically included a photograph. Family members treasured these when separated from each other
during the Civil War and when traveling. Recently we've launched a new "Calling Card" program at Orchard House for our visitors. But we wanted to be sure  to keep our online community involved too!

Coming this fall, Orchard House is poised to share our mission of education and preservation with more people than ever through several exciting on-line projects and initiatives. We would be honored to consider you our partner in these endeavors. By completing and leaving your own  electronic “calling card” below you will have the power to help us exponentially extend our outreach AND be entered to win fun prizes!

You will not be added to a regular mailing list, but rather to an exclusive list with limited e-mail contact this fall. (You may opt-in to more mailings later, if you wish.) The Alcotts treasured human relationships and we take our cue from them in carrying on that tradition. With your help, many more people around the world will be able to learn from, be inspired by, and enjoy Orchard House and the Alcotts.
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Note: We respect your privacy and never sell/share information


  1. July won't be July without any Christmas presents!

  2. My writer friend calls me Jo. I identify with her

  3. I'm actually working on a re-envisioning of Little Women that's based on life with my own sisters (I'm the Beth in the family).

  4. Such a cute little bag! Little Women is my favorite book!

  5. Hoping to win! Blessed Labor Day weekend everyone!